Christmas Tree Table Decoration

I was asked if I had a tutorial for this table decoration blog post of 29th November 2014. I've not done a tutorial before but have put this one together and hope it helps.

I used the Tonic Squeeze Box die.

Cut out your box using the Tonic die and then cut off the edges as above. The small piece remaining at the Top Right is what you use as your 'hinge' when joining the boxes together.

Make up your box - the 'hinge' clearly visible above

Join together required amount of boxes to make a circle. 
I used 7 boxes for my base and went from there, 6, 5, 4 and
placed one box upright on the top.

Cut a circle of card and fit into the inside to add strength

Now cut a strip of card - 2 inches wide - and feed inside your circle

This is my base layer

Finished tree - decorated with bows and bobble-head pins

I chose to keep my tree in separate layers rather than glue it all together. 
You will have to play with the placement of the layers to get the best finished look. Mine has an obvious 'good' side to it.

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